Your 2017 Annual PRIMO Meeting Co-chairs and Steering Committee

This past year’s inaugural meeting, which took place from January 9 to January 12, gathered practitioners in Maui, Hawaii from across the United States to learn and discuss new reports, trials, and data in immuno-oncology. Last year’s Co-chairs and Committee meticulously crafted an agenda to cover a variety of topics, such as melanoma, hematologic malignancies, genitourinary tumors, gastrointestinal malignancies, head … Continued

The 2016 Inaugural PRIMO Meeting: A Glance Back

In a packed room on a beautiful Tuesday morning in Maui, hands flew up to ask the final questions of the inaugural Practical Recommendations in Immuno and Molecular Oncology (PRIMO) Meeting. On stage, world renowned oncologist Dr. Julie Vose handled the questions from her peers, and provided an excellent summary of the importance of learnings … Continued