Introducing PRIMO Regional Meetings: Hematology

PRIMOhematologyPractical Recommendations in Immuno and Molecular Oncology (PRIMO) is proud to formally introduce 2016 PRIMO Regional Meetings: Hematology. This series of free, accessible meetings is designed to share and explain recent advancements in immuno and molecular therapies specifically for hematologic malignancies.

Currently, hematologic malignancies are estimated to be over 10% of newly diagnosed cancer patients in the US in 2016. Further, diseases such as leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma are expected to account for nearly 10% of cancer deaths this year, though the survivability of these cancers is relatively high. While chemotherapy remains the most prevalent treatment for these diseases, immunologic and targeted therapies are beginning to warrant serious consideration in the treatment of hematologic malignancies, due to their high efficacy and less severe adverse effects. Drugs such as interferon, rituximab, and recently, nivolumab, have proven effective in treating various hematologic malignancies. There are currently more than 250 clinical trials dedicated to the treatment of blood cancers through the use of immuno and targeted drugs.

In order to serve the oncologists treating their patients, the PRIMO Regional Meeting Steering Committee has carefully tailored the agenda to help oncologists identify appropriate candidates for immunologic therapy, implement strategies to optimize patient outcomes, discuss promising targeted and immunologic approaches, and much more. There are currently two confirmed PRIMO Regional Meetings, taking place in Seattle, WA from October 14-15, and Indianapolis, IN from October 21-22. Both of these meetings will be chaired by Dr. Sagar Lonial, Chief Medical Officer of the Winship Cancer Institute in Atlanta, GA, as well as Steering Committee Member for the 2017 Annual PRIMO Meeting in Maui, HI. The 2016 PRIMO Regional Meetings: Hematology will offer attendees the opportunity to access top hematologist-oncologists in an intimate setting, and is poised to deliver a unique experience that should not be missed.


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