Two Faculty Added to Annual PRIMO Meeting

Two additional faculty members have been added to the 2nd Annual PRIMO meeting this upcoming February in Maui, HI. They are:   Mazyar Shadman, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor, Medical Oncology Division, University of Washington School of Medicine; Assistant Member, Clinical Research Division, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, Washington.   Kit Wong, MD, Assistant Professor, … Continued

Final Faculty Set for 2nd Annual PRIMO Meeting

The final faculty is set for the 2nd Annual Practical Recommendations in Immuno and Molecular Oncology (PRIMO) Meeting this upcoming February in Maui. 2017’s faculty features both returning and new faces, all of whom are top experts in their respective fields. Your official faculty of the 2nd Annual PRIMO Meeting are: Co-chairs Julie R. Brahmer, … Continued

Ariad Joins PRIMO as a Gold Sponsor

Practical Recommendations in Immuno and Molecular Oncology (PRIMO) is excited to announce Ariad Pharmaceuticals as a Gold Sponsor for the upcoming 2nd Annual PRIMO Meeting in Maui, HI. Ariad, founded in 1991 in Cambridge, MA, is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery and development of targeted therapies for various types of cancer. Currently, Ariad … Continued

Janssen and AbbVie Join PRIMO as Sponsors

Practical Recommendations in Immuno and Molecular Oncology (PRIMO) is happy to announce Janssen Pharmaceuticals and AbbVie Inc. as sponsors of the 2017 Annual PRIMO Meeting, taking place this upcoming February in Maui, HI. AbbVie joins PRIMO as a Silver Sponsor, and Janssen will be a Gold Sponsor. Janssen Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1953 by Paul … Continued

Additional Faculty Announced for 2017 Annual PRIMO Meeting

Practical Recommendations in Immuno and Molecular Oncology (PRIMO) is excited to announce additional faculty for the 2017 Annual PRIMO Meeting in Maui from February 9-12. Those below will join the already stellar faculty announced earlier this year.   New faculty for the Annual PRIMO Meeting: Farrukh T. Awan, MD, MS, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, … Continued

Amgen Joins PRIMO as a Silver Sponsor

Amgen joins the upcoming 2nd Annual PRIMO Meeting as a Silver Sponsor alongside Takeda, Queen’s Medical Center, and Founding Sponsor Cancer Expert Now. Amgen is one of the largest, multinational biotechnology companies in the world, with an emphasis on “biology first”. Currently, Amgen has five approved therapies for cancer treatment, treating several different cancer types, … Continued

Takeda Sponsors PRIMO

PRIMO is proud to announce Takeda Pharmaceuticals as a Silver Sponsor of the 2nd Annual PRIMO Meeting, taking place in Maui, HI from February 9th to 12th.   Takeda Pharmaceuticals is the largest pharmaceutical company in Japan and Asia, and a top 15 pharmaceutical company in the world. Founded in 1993, their oncology program is dedicated … Continued

Lung Cancer and Men’s Health Awareness Promotion

                      PRIMO Education is proud to support Lung Cancer Awareness Month and Movember’s Men’s Health. During the month of November, enter the code LUNG50 or STACHE50 to receive 50% off registration. PRIMO Education will then donate 25% of the registration cost to the corresponding foundation. … Continued

2017 Women in Oncology Award Submissions Open

This award is given each year to three outstanding women working in oncology academia, advocacy, or industry. With the number of women in oncology rapidly expanding across the globe, it is crucial to understand the impact of women in cancer research, treatment, and advocacy. Currently, there are few awards that honor these individuals, and the … Continued

Breast Cancer Awareness Promotion

During the whole month of October, PRIMO Education is offering 50% off registration for the 2017 PRIMO Meeting in Maui, Hawaii, scheduled for February 9th-12th.  For all those who register during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, PRIMO Education will contribute 25% of the registration fee to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  This is a great … Continued